Information on Purchased Swimming Pool Plan Designs

Paper Size for Printing

The scaled plans are letterhead or A4 size for ease of printing on any home computer.

How the Plans are Delivered

Purchased designs are in .PDF format and are available for download from your account on our website as many times as you need to. No waiting! And they are yours to keep! You must have Adobe Reader (free download) to view our designs.

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Different Styles of Pools Explained

Formal or Geometric Pools

These pools use specific shapes like rectangles but can also include angled lines and circles. You will see what we mean when you use that search area. They would normally suit a more formal home or garden. They are also great if you want a rectangle or square pavilion touching your pool, or if you want to have a rendered feature wall with a plaque style or sheer descent style water feature to hide the filtration equipment. They usually suit homes that have solid render finish.

Natural or Freeform Pools

These designs use flowing lines for a more natural look. If you want your pool to mimic nature as closely as possible, then choose this style. They look good with planting close to the pool edge and timber decking, where practical. They also take on a real, natural feel if you choose to add boulders or rocks around the edge, especially if the rocks are partly submerged. They usually suit homes made from timber or brick.

Water Features and Other Unique Features

Many of our plans will have added features... Water features are like putting icing on a cake - they make your pool come alive and create an instant 3D effect, which makes your pool very appealing to the eye. Using a water feature or other unique feature such as a gazebo or large feature plants, lifts your pool above the surrounding area and will add a lot more value to your home than the actual feature costs.

Different Styles of Plans Explained

Standard Concept Plan (Recommended)

This is a view of the pool area from directly above you can use a scale ruler and your print setting percentages to get the size you need. Use this concept plan and associated plans to get accurate quotes from Pool Builders.

Perspective View (Optional though Recommended)

Perspectives are not scaled, but are great for a 3D look at the finished pool, and shows you how the finished design is intended to look - which is important. But you will need to purchase the standard concept plan as well, so you can get an accurate quote, which will enable you to build the area to the correct dimensions.

Other Detail Plans (Optional though Recommended)

These plans are usually not to scale, but are great for viewing the detail of the various features around your pool area.

Engineering Plans

Engineering plans for general swimming pool construction are usually supplied by your pool builder but can be obtained from your local structural engineering firms. These plans are usually generic, which means they apply to most swimming pools and are not tied to a specific design, unless the design has unique features that require non-standard engineering details. We may have them available on this website at a future date, but you would still have to get them signed by a local engineer, and your local engineer would usually have generic plans available that they can supply at very little cost to you. It is their signature at the bottom of the engineering plans that you pay the money for, not the actual plans. You can use our business directory to search for an engineer in your area.

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