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Here are some of the questions that we're often asked.
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Why do I need a Concept Swimming Pool Plan?

Would you ever build a house without a set of plans or blueprints? If a builder said to you… "I'll build you a home with four bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen and two bathrooms. Don't worry about a design. We don't need a set of plans. Let's start building!" Would you feel comfortable letting him build your dream home?

If you allowed him to go ahead, you'd either end up with a palace or a shanty. Without a set of plans, you'd end up with a shanty (or at the very least you would get something completely different than what you had in mind) and you'd regret your decision.

It's no different with your pool area. The concept plans provided on this site will ensure that you and your pool builder are thinking along the same lines. And you can be sure that the result you dreamed about will become a reality. Normally you'd pay thousands for a set of concept plans, but because of the Easy Pool Plans unique concept of standardised upmarket plans, you'll get them for a fraction of their real worth.

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Why should I pay for a concept plan, when my pool builder might draw one?

When a pool builder quotes your pool, and if he draws a plan (no matter how rough it is), he owns the plan and ideas - not you. (He may not even draw a plan!) And most will admit that while they can build you a great pool, they are not experts at drawing great concept designs. Pool builders who use this website benefit immensely by providing quality swimming pool concept designs for their clients.

What's more, if they haven't heard about our website yet, it may take weeks for them to get back to you with a design that may not even suit your lifestyle. If that happens at a busy time of the year, you may not get your pool on time! It can sometimes take months just to get a quote!

If you own the plan, you can get several quotes for the same pool in the shortest time frame possible, keeping any potential pool builders on the same level playing field. And if you already have the design plans, a good pool builder should be able to quote you on the day he visits. Variations between quotes will be due to the quality of workmanship, materials and equipment allowed for. Your pool builder will be able to explain the advantages or disadvantages of the options available to you.

It would be wise to choose a pool builder that offers you the best quality of workmanship and equipment. If you are realistic, the best pool builder will not give you the cheapest quote. Just remember this... Your pool area cannot be traded in on another one unless you sell your whole property, so get it right the first time. Paying a bit more may go a long way to ensuring the best outcome for you and your future lifestyle.

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Will I need any other plans?

You won’t need any other plans to get your quotes.

  • If you purchase a scaled concept plan, you will have a more detailed plan than most builders use to draw up a contract!
  • If you add a perspective plan, everyone will know what the finished project should look like, and should ensure you to get the finished look you want.
  • If you add feature plans, such as the details of how the rocks will be submerged, or how a walled water feature is to be built etc, the margin for errors in these important areas will be drastically reduced.

Since all our plans are marked 'Not for Construction', other plans will be required as part of a building application or for specific engineering. Your pool builder usually supplies these. If you are an owner builder, your local engineer should be able to supply these plans for you.

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Why are the plans so cheap?

Because we are your 'Friends in the Business' and we want to save you time and money!

Normally, it would cost you thousands of dollars for a reputable designer to visit your home personally and come up with a unique design that suits your lifestyle. That is why we have produced a selection of pool concept plans that will put your swimming pool area in the 'above average' category. Like having a resort in your own backyard!

Anyone can show you a pool shape and leave the surrounding pool area to blind chance. Plain old pools with a fence around them are boring. We show you how great a pool can look by putting a little extra thought into the design surrounding the pool to create a unique lifestyle that you will enjoy for years to come.

We have priced our designs so well that no matter which way you look at it, the cheapest way to get a quality pool concept plan is to purchase one from

Even if you were tempted to print one of our thumbnail plans (which would would be of very poor quality when enlarged), to avoid copyright infringement, you would still have to pay a professional to draw the plans to scale for quoting purposes. That alone could cost hundreds of dollars for each drawing! At best, if the plans can’t legally be used, the extra cost of drawing these necessary plans would have to be calculated into the pool quotation by the builder. Reputable pool builders refuse to breach copyright. It makes so much more sense and will be so much cheaper for you to purchase your plans from so that you legally own the plans. Purchasing an concept plan will give you a crisp, clear, full colour quality plan for a lot less money. And once purchased, you can print as many as you like for personal use.

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How can I use my purchased plans?

You can print copies from your home computer and give them to pool builders. You can get accurate quotes for building the pool. You can print as many copies as you need, as long as you comply with our terms and conditions.

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Am I allowed to change the plan in any way?

You can change the plan to suit your site. Best if your pool builder helps you with any changes. You can make the plans bigger or smaller and they’ll maintain the scale by using the percentage scales in your print settings.

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Can I give out copies of my plan?

Yes you can, as long as the plan is only given to people involved with your project and they agree to use it exclusively for your project. The plan must show the logo created from this website.

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Can I show others my plan?

Yes, as long as you comply with our terms and conditions

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What are our credentials?

Our clients have won over 71 industry awards using concept plans designed by us.

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Why was Easy Pool Plans set up as a web site?

We wanted people the world over, but especially in Australia, to experience something better than what is currently offered in the swimming pool industry in the way of swimming pool design, and access to the trades involved in the Outdoor Lifestyle Industry, and we are determined to keep the design standard high and your investment affordable.

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